Kawasaki Kids Huddle - Kawasaki Disease

Kawasaki Kids Huddle - Episode 2

Episode Summary

This episode we discuss DJ Lil' Coop our Kawasaki Kid, Kawasaki Disease symptoms and discuss treatment options.

Episode Notes

10 years ago we began the journey of creating the Kawasaki Kids foundation with the purpose of creating awareness, community and telling the stories of others.  

Here we are in year 10, having known of more than 150 hearts caught in time, because of the awareness we’ve created!  

Bringing together others with this podcast is our next step in strengthening our community and we want to engage with each of you, sharing your stories, answering your questions, and furthering the need for awareness.  

We look forward to this journey together with the stories shared, our Kawasaki community strengthened and creating greater awareness for timely diagnosis.  

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